The pilatus pc7 military training aircraft

The Swiss made Pilatus PC-7 Military Training Aircraft is based on the Pilatus P-3. The Pilatus PC-7 was used in combat for close air support missions in the Iraq-Iran War, by the Mexican Air Force and Chad against rebels. Sometimes it was delivered as training aircraft only and operators illegally upgraded the training aircraft for combat use. Today the PC-7 is in service with more than 20 Air Forces around the world and on all continents, with Australia suing the PC-9 variant. A total of around 500 PC-7 have been produced.
The PC-7 has a never exceed speed of 500km/h or 270 knots. Flights speed is between 200 and 270 knots. Its successor is the Pilatus PC-21 advanced military trainer. The PC-21 has a top speed of 685 km/h or 370 knots and allows that military pilots fly directly with the fighter jet
-without a,jet trainer between. The Swiss Air Force pilots now go from the PC-21 directly to the F/A-18 Hornet, without the BAE Hawk in between. According to the Swiss Air Force instructors, the result is very convincing and the cost is much lower with the new concept.