Fly a Military Aircraft in the unbeatable beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Experience flying as you never will with your local airline. We will show you the Alps from an entirely different perspective, sometimes even upside down.Our Pilatus PC 7 is the only PC-7 available for private passenger flights.Its performances make it similar to a jet.

Please ask about taking part in Airshows or for passenger flights.

The flight route is according to your preferences. The pilot knows very nice flight routes. For example you can fly through fantastic valleys and around the famous Matterhorn. And of course you can do a lot of aerobatics and military light flying. The pilots are always afraid that the aerobatics flown in the PC-7 is too tough. So when you are watching out for a wild ride they will be very happy to have a tough customer on board. The pilots are members of an aerobatics display team flying with Pilatus Military trainers. So on summer weekends the members are often busy flying a fantastic display on airshows at weekends.
But of course they also enjoy a quiet flight in the Swiss Alps with your pilot. Just listen what flight variants proposes or tell him your preferences.

For more information please feel free to contact us

Hunter Day Ambri  October 11, 2012   


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